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Table 1 Operationalization of CSR Themes on Corporate Websites of the Sampled Companies

From: Corporate social responsibility reporting in the telecommunications sector in Ghana

CSR Themes Statements or items connoting CSR on websites
Human resource disclosure
1.Employee health & safety Protecting employees against work hazards
2. Employee training Training, refresher training and other educational opportunities
3.Employee morale Fringe, instant non-monetary benefits aimed at incentivizing employees to concentrate on the job, also include annual monetary incentives.
Environmental disclosure concern for the environment Conducting business while maintaining the integrity of the environment
2.Environmental audit Operating with an ISO certification or allowing third party audit
3.Conservation of energy in the conduct of business Using renewable alternative sources of energy in business operations
4.Conservation of natural resources Conserving water, protecting flora & fauna
5.Recycling /E-waste management Re-use, recycle paper, recycling electronics waste & other materials used in production
Product & customer disclosure
1.product quality Best offers from the company in the form of products and services
2.customer complaints/ satisfaction Dealing with customers issues, complaints, in comfortable, friendly and congenial manner without hassle, after sale service
3.Provision for physically challenged/ aged/ difficult-to- Reach customers Taylor-made products for people with impairment, aged, and those in remote places
Community involvement for education Commitment to promote education. Assistance in the areas of class room infrastructure, text books, computer donations, teaching & learning materials, building capacity of teachers, schools internet connectivity & other educational scholarships. for health Assistance in health infrastructure, refurbishment, donating hospital equipment, training for health professional
3.Youth entrepreneurship Assistance aimed at training the youth to be entrepreneurial to create their own jobs and be self-reliant.
4.Employee volunteerism Company employees getting out of their comfort zone and doing community work. Contributing cash or kind to the community
5.Sports sponsorship Providing assistance to sporting activities in the areas of football, volley ball athletics, rugby, swimming, supporting national teams.
Ethical disclosure
1.Ethical/professional conduct Allowing sound, good moral judgment in the conduct of business.
2.Transparency The extent to which corporate actions are observed by outsiders. How corporate actions and decisions are opened to employees, stakeholders, shareholders and the general public.
3.Integrety Be honest & upright in corporate dealings.
4.equality & diversity Treating people fairly and equitably without prejudice and allowing cultural differences to fester.