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Table 2 CSR Reporting On Websites by the Selected Telecommunications Companies

From: Corporate social responsibility reporting in the telecommunications sector in Ghana

CSR Themes MTN Ghana Vodafone Ghana Airtel Ghana Tigo Ghana Glo Ghana
Environmental disclosure 1.Company concern for the environment
2.Environmental audit
3. Conservation of energy in the conduct of business.
4.Consrvation of natural resources
5.Recycling/ e-waste management
Human resource disclosure 1.Employee health and safety
2. Employee morale
3. Employee training
Product & Customer disclosure 1.Product quality
2.Customer complaints/ satisfaction
3. provision for physically challenged and difficult-to-reach customers
Community involvement disclosure 1.Support for education
2. Support for health
3. youth entrepreneurship
4. Employee volunteerism  
5. Sports sponsorship
Ethical disclosure 1.Integrety
2. Ethical/professional conduct
4. Equality & Diversity
Grand total   04 06 05 04 03
Percentages (%)   20 30 25 20 15
  1. CSR Not Disclosed
  2. CSR Disclosed