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Table 1 The relevance between Confucian values and the concept of CSR in Vietnam

From: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Vietnam: a conceptual framework

Confucian values Original meaning The concept of CSR
“Nghia” & “Nhan” The Confucian virtue of compassion, charity, benevolence, humanity and love for one’s fellow human beings Ethical responsibilities & Philanthropy
“Tinh” & “Nhan” These values entail going beyond the rules to do good because one has empathy and compassion in one’s heart. This also reflects community sentiment (tinh lang nghia xom) Ethical responsibilities & Philanthropy
“Ly”, “Nghia”, & “Tin” The rationality of righteousness and faithfulness Ethical & Legal responsibilities
“Dieu do” This virtue refers to moderate one’s stance in the interest of social harmony. Relativism, of not being excessive. People who do not know moderation – who are too greedy or too rigid or too assertive bring about their own downfall Economic & sustainable consumption