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Table 2 Word Frequencies by Data Set

From: Letters from the top: a comparative control group study of CEO letters to stakeholders

Frequently Cited Words Infrequently Cited Words Notably Absent Words
Report on Business Data Set
 2016 Monitoring Trade
 Corporate Mitigation Regulatory
 Customers Millennials System(s)
 Communities Metrics Policy
 Business Measures Reconciliation
 Employees Marketplace Reduction
 Responsibility Loyalty Target
 Executive Learning Process
 Social Landfills Reporting
 Governance Inspiring Results
Corporate Knights Data Set
 2016 Programs Accountability
 Business Initiative Communications
 Sustainability Responsive Networks
 Communities Prosperity Workplace
 Clients Participation Trust
 Global Liquidity Advice
 2017 Ideas Aspirations
 Energy Diverse Efficiency
 Change Learn Grassroots
 Management Employment Hope
  1. Note: Absentee words are frequently present in the opposing data set but absent in the focal data set