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Table 2 Five dimensions of corporate social responsibility

From: Mechanisms for development in corporate citizenship: a multi-level review

Dimensions Definition of the dimension Phrase describing the dimension
A. The environmental dimension 1. The natural environment i. A cleaner environment
ii. Environment stewardship
iii. Environmental concerns in business operations
B. The social dimension 2. The relationship between business and society i. Contribute to better society
ii. Integrate social concerns in their business operations
iii. Consider the full scope of their impact on communities
C. The economic dimension 3. The socio-economic or financial aspects, including describing CSR in terms of a business operation i. Contribute to economic development
ii. Preserving the profitability
iii. Business operations
D. The stakeholder dimension 4. Stakeholders or stakeholder groups i. Interact with their stakeholders
ii. How organizations interact with their employees, suppliers, customers and communities
iii. Treating the stakeholders of the firm
E. The voluntariness dimension 5. Actions not prescribed by law i. Based on ethical values
ii. Beyond legal obligations
iii. Voluntary
  1. Source: Adopted from Dahlsrud, 2008