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Table 3 Brand Potential Index (BPI) Elements and Questionnaire Items

From: New corporate social responsibility brand evaluation in a developing country: Uzbekistan

Brand Potential Index Elements Description Questionnaire Itemsa
Rationale Uniqueness Degree to which the brand concept is perceived as new, fresh, and unique This bottled water idea is unique
Quality Rating of quality perception of brand This bottled water seems to be of a good quality
Popularity Assesses the potential popularity and whether the product will be attractive in current market This bottled water will become popular
Emotional Relevance Degree of relevance of brand positioning This bottled water idea is aligned with my values and beliefs
Trust Degree of consumer brand trust and credibility I trust this bottled water idea
Bonding Extent to which it will be possible to build a strong brand-consumer relationship If a person would have characteristics of this water, I would be friends with him/her
Empathy Level of sympathy to the brand It is worth loving this water brand
Action Oriented Willingness to recommend Level of perceived benefit (functional and emotional) and how likely the brand will be recommended I would recommend this bottled water
Acceptance of premium prices Degree of acceptance of price, which is higher than the market average (i.e., worth paying more) It is worth paying more for this water
Purchase Intention Level of purchase intention If this bottled water is available, I would buy it
  1. aConsumers responded on a Likert scale: (1) Strongly disagree, (2) Disagree, (3) Neither agree nor disagree, (4) Agree, (5) Strongly agree